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Greener Pastures…

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Hazy eyes’ peered through the glass, gazing at acres of palm trees disappear as they sped past. The bleak look in them grew with each mile covered, widening the gap between her and home, between the known and unknown.

They told her that she is heading for better things; for greener pastures. They told her that she’s the only hope for the family, they told her many things…

Yes, Akunnia wanted to help the family. Indeed, she truly wanted to be a saving grace. Yet, she couldn’t stop the incessant trickle of hot tears and the lump in her throat from getting bigger with each speed bump the van took as it gradually wound its way away from the dusty paths of her village to the big city.

How did greener pastures leave her feeling like a chattel used to repay family debts to a grouchy tradesman well-known for his poor treatment of others? The weight of her looming situation sat heavy on her slight sixteen-year shoulders.



12 thoughts on “Greener Pastures…

  1. I think this is so poignant and am so proud of this young woman heading somewhere different to help her family selfishlessly! My Dad worked at age 11, crossing state lines to where no child labor laws. . . He helped pay for his Mom, my Grandma O, rent and heat. It gave him grit and determination! Not what we would wish upon a young person but he did “rise up” and sought a way out. My Grandma came to live with my parents as they were newlyweds, but she was quiet, tiny and helpful. 💜

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  2. I meant, “selflessly!” So sorry, but Jacquie this is really a beautiful beginning of this young 16 year old’s journey. . . I’m like others saying “Keep on telling this poor girl’s story!”

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  3. Very powerful piece of writing, Jacqueline. So many women, for so many years, have traveled that road with Akunnia. All my best to you. Thank you.

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  4. Ohh Jacqueline this is something very touchy.
    The Prosetry you have written is to address the many thousands who have passed such a travel into the unknown destinations if this nasty World.

    I have not seen you for long time now. Is everything ok with you. Even I have had a phase out of the routine for many reasons.

    Wishing You All the very Best.

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