Positive Affirmation Challenge

What About You? Affirmation Challenge Day 13

Each day, I will willingly release old thinking patterns forged on fear, ignorance and self-doubt and welcome new ones based on love, knowledge and self-confidence. Jacqueline

Allow, Let In

I love These Quotes From Yesterday:

Thoughtsnlifeblog: I am good. I am brave. I am capable. I am a powerful Soul. I am wise. I understand when to let things flow over me and let them go. I am a peaceful powerful Soul. I am a beloved child of God the Divine. I am Good.

Bernadette: A hug is like a boomerang, you get it right back.” Bill Keane

TheLonelyAuthorBlog: Beautiful post. We should always be positive. Have a wonderful day.

OBA: I am enough, I am complete, all that makes life beautiful is embedded in me, all shades of awesomeness and wowzer. I am God’s child

#Shifting perspectives, #Thepowerofpositivethinking, #positiveaffirmations, #abundancementality, #findinggreaterjoy, #Believe, #Fulfilledlife #Wholesomeness, #BodyMindSpirit

P.S. If you wish to join this positive affirmation challenge running for 90 days, please add your quote to the comments and each day, I’ll share everyone’s quote with their links.


3 thoughts on “What About You? Affirmation Challenge Day 13

I love it when you decorate my heart with your words..

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