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Is It Just Me?

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Is it that I’ve become flea-bitten, cynical and jaded with time? I love love and romance and totally admire the couple, but the pomp and pageantry of the upcoming royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan barely cut through the hectic haze of my life at present and the reality of my bills. Am I the only one?


9 thoughts on “Is It Just Me?

  1. I agree when we are all struggling to make ends meet. We have this wedding thrust upon us which is paid for by the British Taxpayers is somewhat hard to swallow. People just accept it that it should be paid for. I am not at all interested in it. More concerned with people who are trying to make an honest living and their fairytale weddings but the cannot afford to have a wedding.

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  2. Most lavish weddings sadly end in divorce. I hope that after the glamour of the ceremony, they will grow to be an example of lasting devotion. I guess that’s what I think when I see these things… “please encourage faithfulness and commitment…”

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  3. I try not to concern myself with royal weddings..too over the top for my tastes. It’s enough that I wonder each month if all our bills will be paid..and on time.

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