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Many times we are too busy chasing after the bigger picture that we fail to see the mini bits that make it up.

What are your expectations from life?

“You can’t predict the future. What you can do is let go of the baggage of your past (so far so good) and move forward without expectations.”

Do you have any or do you think that you should let go of having any like this quote below from Jason Harvey, the author of Achieve Anything in Just One Year: Be Inspired Daily to Live Your Dreams and Accomplish Your Goals


12 thoughts on “Micro Moments – My Thinking Corner

  1. It may sound odd but I’ve given up expectations. Expectations often bring disappointment and frustration. I had a lot of expectations when I was younger and I was like one of those little dogs that bites and holds on no matter what. Until my life went totally sideways and I found myself in a position where those plans meant nothing. Survival meant more. Gradually as I began to let go life gets better even though it is still a roller coaster. Once admitted to myself that I had no control over various aspects of my life then much of the disappointment and frustration passed. As I enter into my 60s I’m all for a peaceful less stressful life. For me I know life is not a competition. Whatever God has for me will be.

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  2. Yes Be in the Moment. Many years ago I remember my Dad looking at his old Air-force picture and saying out loud, “What happened to that young man in the picture? I did not understand. Now I do. Fast forward to recently when I enacted the same with my old Army photo. What happened to that young woman in the picture? Well she’s gone. Along with her health and resiliency. Most days my body with its challenges tells me what I’m gonna do.

    The woman I am now left behind that long ago youth. And as the Doris Day song goes, Que Sera. Sera. Whatever will be. Will be. The future’s not ours to see. Que Sera. Sera.

    As my Dad used to say, If its meant for you. Then you will receive. It will happen. I remind myself of this daily. Cuts down on agitation. Brings peace. Life itself has more than enough challenges so I strive for peace.

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  3. Hello Jacqueline,
    Thank you for reminding us that we should enjoy small pleasures, little triumphs and micro moments in life.
    I do have expectations. And yes, as Dancing Palms shares, those expectations can be disappointed but I’d rather keep hoping and expecting than give up altogether.

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      1. I would not use the term give up but for example I recently got some bad news yesterday and today. If I hold onto false hope then I’d only be fooling myself. So it is better for me to Let Go especially as I can do nothing to better the situation. Whatever is going to happen that’s what will happen. Am I happy about my circumstance. No. Of course not. But I have to accept that what will be will be. No matter how much we try to avoid reality like death in the end it will catch up to you. There is not getting around the truth.


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