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Don’t Treat Them With Kid’s Gloves – My Thinking Corner

Our inner beliefs define our reality. Our life’s path is paved or blocked by them. Jacqueline

Negative beliefs stick on us faster than grease on a pan and they are difficult to erase. We must learn to love and believe in ourselves because if we don’t really like who we are, we may do everything right – eat right, pray, run for miles, be kind to others etc – but we would never feel right.

The danger of allowing such inner feelings of malaise to fester and grow out of proportion is that they become a hardship to remedy. They harden like concrete over time and slowly asphyxiate other parts of who we are.

Think of this scenario: If you step into wet paint and you fail to wash off the residue quickly, it would dry up and by the time you are ready to get it off your skin will not thank you for the rough treatment. That’s the way negative beliefs – worthless, not good enough, ugly, unlovable, guilty, ashamed … treats us. Like chipping off solid concrete with a spoon.

We must not ignore addressing this inner malaise because they are physically unseen. They possess the absolute power of dictating how our lives turn out.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


6 thoughts on “Don’t Treat Them With Kid’s Gloves – My Thinking Corner

  1. Excellent advice. I have been dealing with depression for years but I put my feelings and emotions aside at work. I must be professional for my job and I wouldn’t put my problems on my co-workers. Most of them are nice people and we work as a team. I bury my troubles until I get home. This strategy helps me to be a good worker.

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  2. Problems tend not to solve themselves and timing is of the essence. When my children spilled something I told them that they had a choice, they could wipe it up now or scrape it up later.

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