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Eat The Cookies

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Image credit – Pinterest

Fortune they say, favours the bold

does that include the fortune cookies?


I used to save my messages, but now,

I eat my fortune cookies and move on.


I wonder who ate the cookie in the image

where they are sitting right now?




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7 thoughts on “Eat The Cookies

  1. I always save the fortunes.. In at least one situation, it was a good choice. It was taped to my desk over where my computer screen was, “There is much of value in what you throw away.” On a fluke, I looked in my waste basket. There was a crumpled-up envelope in it that I picked up and opened. Inside was a 500 peso bill. I’d stored money in it and stapled it shut weeks before, then ripped it open and removed the money a few days before, but one of the bills had mistakenly remained stapled to the side! So, I still keep my good fortunes. True story.

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