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Spicing It Up…Echoes of My Neighbourhood

If you ever visit my neck of the woods, a visit to ‘The Spice Souk is imperative.

I visited the souk to replenish my small collection of spices, herbs and teas. Leaving sticks of cinnamon, vanilla, some aromatic herbs and essence in little corners around the house, simply creates a fresh, lovely fragrance for the house.

Inhale deeply when you step into the narrow alleyways of the Spice Souk which is located in Deira.

Savour the lively ambienceΒ and the eclectic aromas of the old World as you are introduced to mounds and mounds of aromatic herbs and spices spilling from large baskets at every turn.

Bags of spices, incense, frankincense, dry hibiscus, sunflower seeds, rose petals, traditional medicinal products and so much more are stacked outside each stall with the stall owners beckoning you from all angles to come in to patronise them.

They will promise you the best quality of spice, herbs et cetera, and if you’re looking to buy, bargaining is quite the norm in the souks.

Always ask for the best price, particularly when paying cash, which is the most common way to pay and do enjoy the haggling πŸ˜‰

Every part of the world holds its delightful charms and lady Lee introduces us to Batanes. A superb adventure going by her delightful photos.

Travel itch has attacked my feet πŸ˜‰



19 thoughts on “Spicing It Up…Echoes of My Neighbourhood

  1. great post, I love souk, colour, spices and so on . (ps thanks for your happy birthday but it’s not mine, Colette is a big store in Paris -:)

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  2. I love spice markets. The most impressive I’ve ever seen, though I’m sure there are even greater ones, was in Bangkok, Thailand. I couldn’t even recognize what many of the spices were. The same is the case in fruit and veggie markets in Asia.

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