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Just around the corner…

On our life’s journey, one literally doesn’t know what lies around the corner until they’ve taken that turn. These few photos are some of the corners I took in recent weeks and got my surprises.





I had come to the end of my walk but for some reason, I felt inclined to break the habit of stopping at that point and I took the turn at the junction. I had just taken three steps when a loud squeak startled me, I stared at my feet thinking that I had stepped on something, then the noise repeated itself, so I followed it and behind the beam was a seagull resting in the corner.

It was pecking at the feast set before him intermittently and I noticed the little plastic cover had water inside it. This sure made me smile and wondered who the thoughtful person was,  at the same time, I wondered if the bird was hurt. I watched it for several minutes before moving on.




My GPS was programmed to take me somewhere, but I missed a turn and lost my route. In an attempt to retrace my steps I simply got more lost and ended up in this interesting back street with the divine view of the sea and harbour.

I simply couldn’t resist so I parked my car and spent well over two hours enjoying a cup of smoothie, soaking in the lovely view,  and the peaceful atmosphere which was interrupted now and again by the roar of a boat coming into the harbour or pulling out into the sea.

Since then, this place has become one of my fave spots to visit for my me time. It also boasts some enchanting cafés.


I met the duo (the rabbit and the pigeon) on a lonely path in the park. It was the highlight of my walk 🙂


The blessing is just around the corner. Whatever you do, just hold on.

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