Echos Of My Neighbourhood

Central Souk and The Walkabout – Echoes of my neighbourhood

One fervent thought that is crystal clear in my mind is to enjoy where ever I am at each point in time. To be at peace with myself and my environment.

Sometimes people ask me ‘how do you cope with living in a predominantly Muslim society,‘ and I smile in response with a simple statement ‘I’m loving it.’

The differences in culture and society are certainly there but the real truth is that this place is a potpourri of nationalities and there’s so much to learn from being around others.

My message here is that wherever you find yourself – even if it’s in your good old hometown, live with open eyes’ embrace each day with positive energy.

My weekly meanderings took me to the central souk in Sharjah. I always try to find a new location within a day’s travel at most from me to visit and I enjoy a leisurely train/bus ride to the place. Sometimes, I drive myself as well but most times, I just enjoy the process of the journey – that’s the fun part.

Lady Lee shares her weekly smile with us. Do take a make and grab a smile 🙂

If you would like to show us your neighbourhood, the challenge is quite simple and you can find out more about it through this link.



12 thoughts on “Central Souk and The Walkabout – Echoes of my neighbourhood

  1. How absolutely beautiful a city! You are so lucky to be able to live and work there. A good friend of mine spent several years in Dubai teaching at an American school there and loved every minute of it. I always wanted to visit Dubai but my global traveling days are regrettably over now.

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    1. Honestly they are remarkable (naturally, like every other place and religion, you have some bad seeds) and I simply don’t understand all the tarring of people with the same brush when one doesn’t even know them.


  2. Yes where I am now is not far from my ‘home’ however a ‘world’ away in so many ways. I do hope to Play tourist soon, we visited the Visitor center and found many things around to see, but I find i miss the quiet parklike places, hope to find myself back posting Neighborhood too

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