This is what love looks like.

Yesterday, my young son spent some quiet time scribbling in a corner and every time I passed by him he hid his work. I thought that he was drawing one of his lovely artworks (he’s gifted and draws pretty well) and didn’t bother him.

To my delight, he presented me with a nicely wrapped parcel – he had raided my bathroom and wrapped some of my bottles of bath gel and scented candle along with his sweet card.

What can I say? Just that my heart is filled with joy and thankfulness for this child of mine. He’s always sensitive to others. Always seeks ways in his little capacity to make everyone around him happy – even outside our home. He’s just an awesome blessing.

Loving child, love, handmade card, this is what love looks like

what love looks like, handmade card

loving card, handmade card, what love looks like


30 thoughts on “This is what love looks like.

  1. ❤️🌹Be still, my heart🌹❤️ Girl, I know your heart was about to explode. I’m sure your sweet heart leaked through your eyes and down cheeks as your broad smile and glistening permeated your entire being! This is a totally awesome gift of the heart! I know you’re so happy with this gift and we’ll as extremely proud! How very sweet. #matandframeworthy

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  2. You raised a wonderful addition to the world itself! Think what he will grow into as a young man. His future romantic life partner will be blessed in ways we can not even begin to manage to comprehend!

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