Short Stories

The Trucker’s Love…

Kate sighed in pleasure, sipping her cup of tea and listening to her mother tell the hallmark love story of her grandparents.

No matter how many times she heard the same story, it never failed to satisfy and she hoped that someday she would find the kind of love that they had shared.

Grandpa Robert, a handsome sweet talker had fallen in love with Daisy May, the Sheriff’s daughter on his regular trucking trip through town.

Young Robert had convinced Daisy to elope with him, leaving behind an arranged marriage and an irate father.

He kept his promise to take Daisy places that she had never been before and for many years to come, they covered long miles together; even their first child, Maisie was born on the road.

Though its original owners had long passed on – mere week’s of each other’s death – the old truck’s head still sat in its’ prized position. As integral to the land as the homestead that they had built.

Thank you, Mike Vore for this week’s photo and my lady P.J. for hosting us.




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I love it when you decorate my heart with your words..

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