Timothy’s Plan…

Little Tim’s tears flowed unbidden as he trudged home from school. Other parents came but his own had failed to come and watch his performance as promised.

Momma has been drinking more often than usual, crying so much and grown forgetful. Dad seemed not to care anymore, he was hardly at home and when he came home it would always end in a shouting match with mom and broken crockery.

He hated it all. The shouting, fighting, silence… that he always hid in his room to avoid getting in their way. He felt afraid that his family would break up.

Tim didn’t want to become his classmate, poor Mary, whose parents got divorced and she caught a bad disease called Leukemia.

He knew what to do once he got home. He would talk to mom and if they continued fighting he would simply take all his money in his piggy bank and run away.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Thank you, Jessica, for this week’s photo and my lady P.J. for hosting us.



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