Carrying The World

In my usual meandering, I came across this lovely set of travel cases and the one that I found most appealing is the case pictured below, which set my thoughts running across the globe 🙂

I would certainly love to visit more places in the World, one place at a time and I hope that gets to happen.

One of the truthful challenges of being a parent/mother is having to set aside some of your aspirations and keep them on hold for a while, either due to financial constraints or the exigencies of time.

Traveling abroad with family costs twice as much and takes extra planning to ensure that it’s fun for everyone, however, in the interim to long distance travel, consider shorter road trips to locations around you that you’ve not visited before. It’s equally as much fun, educative and gives me the same sense of satisfaction. Sometime in the past, I shared a post on road travel, ‘it’s almost time for a road jaunt.’ 😉

Now, let me get back to dreaming and pinpointing those places that I plan to visit and you hold on to those warm thoughts of a road jaunt.



10 thoughts on “Carrying The World

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  2. what a wonderful case! Jacqui….we may put off the travels our hearts want to take us on due to having to care for children, families, or because of a lack of funds…but when it all comes together the trip is so much better for the waiting. Here’s hoping your wait isn’t as long as mine was!

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I love it when you decorate my heart with your words..

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