When Men Choose To Bless You – Personal


Unprecedented gestures of kindness move me beyond what words can truly say and as I write this I search for the right words to express my sense of thankfulness.

It’s not my intention to embarrass this kind gentleman and because of that, I’ll leave his name out of this short note. I was raised to always be thankful and like my mother always asked us back then when someone did something for any of us, “Did you say thank you?” I hope you know that silent gratitude is not of much use to anyone because they are not aware that you are thankful.”

I received notification of a donation from PayPal and in all honesty, I was taken aback. For several minutes I checked through all my email interactions and address book and the sender’s name was not stored anywhere. There had been absolutely no exchanges between us.

I dashed off a quick email through the address that I saw on the PayPal notification and he responded promptly. His comments warmed me from tip to toe and my heart truly swelled with gratitude.


Why this unexpected gift struck me so deeply is the fact that I went to sleep tussling with how to manage the payment for my blog for this year only to wake up to see a notification of donation that will cover the payment of my subscription.

I was contemplating letting my subscription lapse and using free hosting till I sort things out, which is simply not the best option and would hamper a whole lot that I do on my site.

My other blogΒ The Art of beautiful expressionsΒ cost me quite a bit to set up and putting both costs together is a luxury that I truly can’t afford right now, though I’m hopeful that they will soon pay themselves and leave me a little extra to bless others with.

What can I say, but call this GRACE and FAVOUR. It made me think of the gift of the mercy of God. Paid in full without asking for anything.

When men choose to bless you out of the abundance of their spirit, know that there’s aΒ higher power in control. You’ve not earned it, for all good gifts around us are freely given and come from heaven above.

Thank you, kind Sir, for your blessing to a woman whom you’ve never met. May your pockets never run dry. May your cup overflow with blessings from above.


Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


32 thoughts on “When Men Choose To Bless You – Personal

  1. Wow! How awesome is that!!! What a blessing to know there are still good people out there doing great works behind the scenes! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. What an amazing gesture. I’m so thrilled for you Jackie. What a very kind man and I’m so glad he blessed you. May he receive every blessing back in his life. Thanks for sharing. 😊

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  3. God seems to continually provide reminders He will take care of things that concern us, not to worry. It is really an added blessing when He does it in gestures of kind seeds sown. You’ve sown so many, it is befitting He returned the favor. Stay encouraged, stay you.

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  4. God bless him and bless you too dear. I’m sure you add your benefactors and well wishers in your prayers. Though the external gesture of saying ‘thanks’ is very important, the internal one of praying for them buoys up your ‘thanks’. Do have a lovely day.

    P.S: I’m still interested in your blog’s ‘guest series’.

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