My Thinking Corner


For several weeks my blogging has been in a rut or should I use a more colourful word ‘funk.’

I don’t lack the ideas of what to write and actually, I  have about a 106 blog posts sitting in my draft waiting for me, yet I lacked the zeal and felt uninspired to look at them.

Whittling down my blogging and trying to understand my inertia made me realize that what I crave is change. I’ve kind of fallen into auto-blogging and it started to feel like same old, same old routine.

The question that bounces without any answer is, what am I going to do differently?

Frank Sinatra’s words come to my mind;

So take a deep breath

Pick yourself up

Dust yourself off

Start all over again

I am probably going to revamp my blog, do a new thing or two. So, if you find yourself in a funk now and again, just keep calm. Sometimes, all we truly need is a little time, a change of pattern and even a fresh coat of paint works for the blog as well 🙂



18 thoughts on “My Thinking Corner

  1. Oh change up your blog site, that will refresh things for you. It’s like when you get tired of looking at a room and you decide to paint it or wallpaper or put up new curtains…yes do it! You’ll feel uplifted. Happy New Year Jackie and may 2017 be filled with fresh new adventures and blessings for you!! xo

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  2. Jackie,
    Every so now and then I go through this phase. What I usually do is go away from Blogosphere for a month or two or even more. Then I come back and then I see everything anew. It becomes easier to write too.
    How is the brother in law doing, Jackie?


  3. About half way through last year I fell into the same sort of slump, and changed up basically everything. I feel so much more inspired now! I can’t wait to see what new things you’re going to create 🙂


  4. Happy new year and Hello as well. change? ugly word in that i just got here and it’s gonna be different? i don’t even know what the same is! considers for a second whining about that and thinks better of it 😀 swiftly. if you cook, i figure i’ve a load of new thing to try most new one so new i doubt i’ve down most of the facets behind it’s recipe before. I have some blue cornmeal so all the muffins or sopes shall be new as i never but bought a bag of blue corn chips and or had a blue corn tortilla makig up my enchilada… cream cheese in the mac cheese is delightful – hoping youre not lactose intolerant or vegan on that one. visiting me was new so 😉 at least that’s out of the way 😉


  5. Hey Jacqueline understand this feeling i am so a rut or something. I havent figured out what i want to do… well i sort of have planning to slow it down in Jan and test a few things out to figure stuff out. I am not a natural writer. Therefore i decide to up my meditation and studying and just slow down blogging and i think that might be what i need. Good luck with getting out of your rut..belated happy new year. Regards bella..


  6. Jacqueline, you’ve expressed precisely what I’ve been feeling for a while. Writing should be pleasurable and fun. This time of the year always brings with it ‘baggage’ that needs to be disposed of. A spring clean like you say is a great pick me up. Music is a wonderful tonic…Happy New Year.


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