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Little Light…

We are asked to keep it ‘Tiny,’ for this weeks’ photo challenge and I will keep mine symbolic.

‘A tiny flicker of light can irrevocably alter the state of darkness by offering a state of hope.’ Jacqueline

Will you be that tiny light that offers a path to others, or would you extinguish it to ensure that others remain in the dark?ย 

The choice is yours.



12 thoughts on “Little Light…

  1. Love this!! I have to ask- what candle is that?!? I have a candle that looks just like it (I know they are all pretty similar in how they look- BUT there I have to ask to see if they are the same?).

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      1. Oh no!! Actually that would probably be a good thing for me considering that my paycheck doesn’t last too long in that store! Do they ship online to where you are??


I love it when you decorate my heart with your words..

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