Ban Them!

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My native land, Nigeria is currently going through recession under the leadership of a government that has taken the country backward by 30 years or more.

When I was just a little girl, under the same tiresome administration of this current President, who was an Army General and the Head of State of Nigeria, he ran the country aground with his austerity measures and structural adjustment programs that banned many things, left workers unpaid, depleted peoples’ resources and kept them hungry and oppressed until he was ousted in a coup.

What I fail to understand is how people forget history and its lessons. How they allow history to repeat itself over and over again? Is it mere stupidity or blindness?

I sincerely believe that there should be a ban on old codgers who have dubious, selfish and narcissistic ambitions from ruling any Nation.

The story never ends well!

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Banned – The Daily Post

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12 thoughts on “Ban Them!

  1. In a free country we don’t ban, in regard to the elections here for presidency I sincerely think there should be a vetting system just to insure the person wishing to run in the election is sane. It might have helped this go round. Should Mr. Trump succeed I am sure “banning” will be first on his list of things to do, well right beneath “suing” . 🙂

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    • Ha,ha! He has already threatened to sue, so ban should just follow. In a free country where the system is sane a thorough vetting system should work but in countries that are still struggling with their governance, there should honestly be an embargo to stop men who have been involved in the vicious cycle of bringing down a Nation’s economy from getting their hands on the wheels of power.

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      • Our constitution makes it clear that anyone can run for president and the people will decide their choice. It has surely backfired, who would have imagined a narcissistic bigot would get this far.

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      • It’s just befuddling. I hope this process teaches us something. I have nothing against anyone running for president, but they must be properly vetted and their interest should really be for the greater good of the Nation and its people.

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  2. It’s a fine line on a slippery slope. Our memories are flawed because of all the distractions and materially mollified populace. South Africa is a mess now too. Europe …

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    • He,he,he! You got me. You are certainly a sweetie and won’t even be able to make a Benevolent Despot. I’ve got nothing against older codgers ‘cos most of them have more wisdom, it’s only the buffoons and narcissists among them that I can’t stand.

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  3. At this time, I can understand the word ban. however it goes against everything I believe in. I’m pretty sure what you mean by using it here and the point you are making is justified.

    History does repeat itself and it seems that people never learn. In truth, people hurt and ache so much for an answer they might be willing to try just about anything, even if history tells them to be weary.

    You always inspire me and give me hope in humanity. I tried a bit to write my opinions and feelings on this election in U.S, and it seems I’m a lone wolf in my thoughts with my family and friends around me. It weighs on me like a ton of bricks. When I come to work on my blog and read those I follow, I have hope again.

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