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Just a Little Note to Give You a Virtual Hug


All good things that surround us are sent to us for a reason and these includes blog friends.

The friends we form in this place validate our talent and craft. Their feedback is precious and their support is like a backbone that helps you to stand tall.

Yes, I do get warm fuzzy feelings when I see all the Gravatars with the beautiful faces of humanity on my page. I may not have met you physically but believe me when I say that I feel you. I appreciate your presence and your support.
To all my recent follows, I say welcome and thank you for choosing to follow this blog. Feel comfortable in this space. In as much as it’s my blog, I’ve always loved being part of a community, so it’s ours.

Without your presence, my ramblings would be to the empty wires of the bloggily. In this space, we have monthly blog parties and they are always the bomb. Please do feel free to join our parties and I believe we shall be having one in a week’s time.

I’ve received loads of nominations and awards over the past few months but due to the daily exigencies in my life, I never seem to get to publishing an acceptance, secondly, I believe that it would be bothersome to inundate my readers with an award post every week. A warm thank you to all those who have thought me worth bestowing an award. One day, I am going to publish a mega huge blog with all the plaques hanging around my neck.

Now to that warm virtual hug, wherever you may be right now, feel that thread of fresh air/wind, aΒ whisper of kindness, they are my virtual arms extended in fellowship.

Thank you all and have a pleasant Sunday.



out-of-the-silent-breath 2


36 thoughts on “Just a Little Note to Give You a Virtual Hug

  1. I could feel it through cool breeze over here Jacqueline,so i wana send it back one to you so that even you can feel it😊Have a great dat to you and happy blogging..You are one of a lovely and kind bloggers i have known😊

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  2. I felt your warm hug all the way down under in Australia Jackie. And I send you a huge one back. You have such a big heart and beautiful blog. Keep blogging and keep enjoying ❀️

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  3. Well some of us ” met’ sorta at the beginning. I still remember missing blog buds when they travel or otherwise occupied in life…..then months now that is me! Thanks good neighbor ! πŸ˜€

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