Shaggy Hair – Mundane Monday

Mundane Monday Challenge is created to find beauty in almost everything.

The challenge is simple. Find beauty in everyday mundane things, capture the beauty and upload the photographs.


Is it my eyes or does this floor mop look like a funny person with a mask and  shaggy hair?

out-of-the-silent-breath 2

16 thoughts on “Shaggy Hair – Mundane Monday

  1. Very real, I like the way you are finding beauty in the every day items. Good points on that one. Jaquelin where have you been, sista from another mother. The Gastradamus community is anxious awaiting your opinion. Come on by and let your voice be heard, because it’s dearly missed. And we have not forgotten about your repost of the ever so famous, “Blue Jasmine”. When we make it huge at Gastradamus, you will be remembered

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