The Ranch..

Captain Blacky sniffed around the two cars in a peculiar manner; his heightened sense of smell on the alert to pick up any unfriendly aura of its passengers.

“Were these ones’ pleasant folks or would they be like that old mealy-mouthed last prospective buyer who spoke in such an annoying manner so much so that he had wanted to plant a hoof in his backside?”

He hated to see people try to cheat his owners and he felt truly sorry to see his loving owners put up their ranch for sale due to financial hardship. They had struggled for so long to keep things together, but things were just rough and he had heard his master say that the banks’ terms would simply dig them into more hardship.

He really hoped that the new buyers will be good humans, otherwise he would simply incite his fellow animals  on the ranch to riot.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


Thank you, Phylor  for the photo and dear Priceless Joy for hosting this charming platform where we unleash our stories:-)

out-of-the-silent-breath 2

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17 thoughts on “The Ranch..

  1. Captain Blacky sounds like a great horse to have on your side! I hope the new owners are good and kind people too as I would hate to see a riot. So sad about the owners having to give up their home. Great story, Jacqueline!

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  2. Animal Farm came to mind when I ready your beautiful and touching story. Love the POV too, from the horse’s mouth. 😊


  3. Oh dear. I want to curry, brush and rub sweet Blacky into a soothing calm and whisper into his ear it’s going to be okay. I’d tell him a well-placed hoof can be just the right thing sometimes. 😀


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