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Let’s look up – Daily Post Photo Challenge

Who know’s, we might catch a rainbow when we look up.

For today’s Daily post challenge, we are asked to turn our face upwards and hopefully we don’t only see what’s happening above us, but we allow the beauty of what we see to permeate and warm our hearts.


Below is my first just published Poetry Book “Out of the silent breath” which is available on Amazon and Smashwords.

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Wonderful, evocative poetry by a talented writer. Left me hungry for more. Jacqueline can write! Linda Bethea

Out of the silent breath

If you enjoy my works and would like to do so, you can fuel my creativity with a slice of cake or coffee😉


18 thoughts on “Let’s look up – Daily Post Photo Challenge

  1. Great pics. When I was living in Barcelona a friend I made is/was an architect and she made the observation that I tend to look up and around my environment. She said it was a good thing and to never lose it. I have never forgotten that x

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I love it when you decorate my heart with your words..

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