Midnight Motivations and Musings # 81


I’m sure that you understand this fact that “not everyone you relate with will like you!”

As a matter of fact, some who don’t even know you well enough may not be particularly keen on you for reasons best known to them.

In the secret recess of their heart, such people experience a certain sense of elation and feel better about themselves when you are down and out.

Are you going to join the gang up against yourself?

Are you going to continue to give them the pleasure of seeing you miserable and bleeding to death?

Why do you think that bad news travels so fast and the harbingers of bad news are in far more available quantities *for the price of nothing* than those who are willing to share any positivity?

Just dwell a bit on it!

The sooner you realize these things and pull up yourself by choosing to be happy no matter what, choosing to excel to the best of your ability and choosing to love yourself despite all your shortcomings, that’s when you can begin to experience many turnarounds in your life.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Below is my first just published Poetry Book “Out of the silent breath” which is available on Amazon and Smashwords.

When you buy my book, you support me in an invaluable manner.

Out of the silent breath

Enchant me with your expressive eyes, that crinkles in laughter as you speak

that I may find myself ever caught between

the reflections of your pupils and there shall I remain.

*an excerpt of my poem*


27 thoughts on “Midnight Motivations and Musings # 81

  1. Jacqueline, you always seem to speak the words of my heart! I lived this way for most of my life. It has only been the last 4 or 5 years that I have been able to really care about and love myself and block out those who are always negative. Thanks for sharing this. Oh, I am still reading your book and loving it!

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    • Dear Lydia,
      I guess it take us some time and maturity to know these things and to dwell on the things that matter, otherwise we’ll remain lost which would be sheer waste. Better learning late than never at all.
      I do appreciate your generous support. Please if you don’t mind, could you share the steps on how you make ebook purchases on the kindle with me? A friend from Nigeria is struggling with buying the book and I need to give her directions which I don’t even have. Phew! It’s a lot of learning process for me. Thanks dear.

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  2. This is so true! I have never understood the envy I’ve experienced from other people over the course of my life. I have never understood why anyone would want my life. But they are there. In fact, what they seem to envy the most is that somehow I survive them.

    Thanks for this post!

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    • I don’t recall if I said thank you, Robert. My comment box has been behaving funny. Thank you for your comments and reblog. It’s a sad shame when some people behave in this manner and would rather see others unhappy. Beats me! We are all going to die someday, so why not live a life appreciating and treating others better.

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      • I honestly think that the ‘civilized’ gene is missing from sociopaths.

        They can behave as if they understand a civilized code of conduct but only superficially and for short periods of time.

        The problem is that they can compensate for this by using intellect.

        For instance, one of my symptoms is emotional numbing which sometimes causes me to behave less emphatically toward people who are having a strong emotional reaction.

        I compensate for the numbing by going back in my mind to a time when I felt strongly in a similar way. This allows me to interact with someone in pain with some degree of normal empathy.

        There is no reason a pathological narcissist can’t use intellect to construct an intellectual understanding of the difference between right and wrong.

        In my opinion the personality disordered have an ethical responsibility to learn how to manage those aspects of their disorder that harms other people.

        And when they don’t they should be held accountable.

        Again, using myself as a model.

        If one of my alternates behaves badly toward someone I am responsible even if I don’t remember what happened.

        I don’t have the right to harm other people regardless of my problems.

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  3. Dear Jacqueline, So true. Yes, some take joy in our pain. We are fully aware they. But, like you said, when we are stable in our self respect – honestly what does it matter what another feels. Honestly, what does it matter. I never fly free or live in peace if I trouble myself with all these things. Go a head, have ill feeling for me, judge me, what ever, I don’t care – I am just going to get on being a good, kind, caring, strong , ethical and moral person. If you have a problem you deal with it. You what I mean, Why do we get down on what others think or feel or do. Why , why. There is a little place in us that is not whole and until that is whole we will always get hurt.

    Love your post, love your writing. good day and good week

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I love it when you decorate my heart with your words..

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