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Those Lovely Frilly Dresses…


I enjoy fashion and when I was much younger, I quite considered myself a decent fashionista. It was a matter of being on fashionable point, with the pedal-pushers, the knicker-bockers, the hot-pants, bell-bottoms, tube tops, penny loafers, cute platforms and what not.

I can’t forget the priceless look on my dad’s face when I once ripped up my jeans in the wake of the ripped jeans fad. He thought it was for a University project called rag day and the poor man just couldn’t understand the whole shebang.

Nevertheless, I always drew the line on indecent clothing that were simply too exposing.

I have never found the thought of exposed bosoms and butts my cup of tea.

Before you start to wonder, yes I do wear shorts.

Sensible shorts that will not cause your eyebrows to disappear totally from your face, leaving you looking forever startled.

In recent times, I have seen ladies (and I hesitate to address them as ladies) dressed in ways that begs questioning and this nudity is even glorified on media platforms.

I think that it is part of today’s societal problems, which indirectly encourages a lot of young ladies not to take pride in esteeming themselves or treating their bodies with dignity. It has it’s adverse effect on society at large. The equating of nudity with being fashionable, is a view that I seriously beg to disagree with.

If someone behaves trashy, people will turn her into a dumpster and like my mother would say, ‘if a man can get free milk from his neighbours cow frivolously at any time he wants, he would never have need to buy his own Cow; and if the Cow dies, he simply becomes friendly with another generous neighbour.’

Nowadays, I go for comfort as much as possible on a regular day and I love to wear girly dresses that accentuate my femininity on special occasions.

Nothing spells ‘lady’ like a woman in a lovely get up.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Ah, sweet youth. No matter whether you grew up sporting a fedora, penny loafers, poodle skirts, bell-bottoms, leg-warmers, skinny jeans, Madonna-inspired net shirts and rosaries, goth garb, a spikey mohawk, or even a wave that would put the Bieber to shame, you made a fashion statement, unique to you. Describe your favorite fashions from days of yore or current trends you think are stylin’.



27 thoughts on “Those Lovely Frilly Dresses…

  1. My mom was pretty strict growing up and we were not allowed to wear short skirts, etc. Even in school, we never wore pants or jeans. After I was on my own, I did wear some great shoes and even a tube top, but back then I had a great figure, if I do say so myself, and could wear that! Is there anything worse than a woman as she’s aging trying too hard to look like she’s not?? Yuck!


  2. this is something I feel very strongly about. it offends me at times seeing these over-exposed women wearing deep cleavage even since it has begun to be unfashionable recently. I am not a prude by any stretch of the imagination, but at times it is demeaning to see the extremes. Even some of the news media anchors are dressing inappropriately (in my opinion)….

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      1. I don’t see anything so glamorous about showing off breasts…I only have one, which is a nuisance for various reasons. One of our local news anchors just had some “work” done and she looks ridiculous…and she is a very pretty woman in her 50s? It isn’t so bad if its some gala occasion, but just everyday show-em-off is inappropriate and unnecessary. And that’s my humble opinion! 🙂

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      2. I second your humble opinion Gradmama. I saw a lady once who had her breasts almost right under her chin! It had been overworked and looked downright ridiculous. What is a woman in her 50’s doing hanging out her breasts? Oh please.


      3. Not old fogeys, just sensible ones. Gradmama, you have grand kids and they didn’t fall from the sky. It shows you have more than enough to show but you chose to show it to the right person and not to all and sundry 😉


      4. well the fad will pass soon enough…I hope. I hate to see little girls dressed up like you-know-whats . I used to have a fit about the exposed navel fashions when my girls were teens, 30-some years ago.


      5. I wonder why this comment went to spam :/ Sometimes I fail to understand this machine. Yes indeed I hope it passes soon enough. At times I have to pause to explain to my kids that the person is having some wardrobe challenges 😉


  3. Oh I am loving the SENSIBLE SHORTS, Jacq! 😀 I do wear shorts too and yes, sensible like you!
    I think nudity or overexposure of skin are never fashion. Women are not commodity that should be displayed like chunk of meats. It should not be glorified by anyone.

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      1. Hmm! This one is a bit tricky because I have seen cases of raping a young child who didn’t ask for it or even know anything for instance the rape that goes on in India, those ladies don’t go about dressed indecently. Though it’s truly not nice for some ladies to portray the female body in unsavoury manner a lot of sick guys are out there.

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      2. Oh those are entirely different stories. I’ve read some and it’s truly heartbreaking. Rape of young girls are beyond demonic. They surely never conveyed anything to be a subject of such horrendous crime.

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  4. Your mother’s words had me weak in laughter yet quickly sobering up to agree strongly with her premise. I always tell my little sister less does not mean more in relation to clothes meaning you should not wear your beach attire on the street. Have pride in yourself and cover up, where were the days when only your significant other knew what ladies butts and breast look like? Bear in mind I am young (30) but I hate to see ladies disrespect themselves in the name of fashion. The worst is when you do your descent dressing, these ladies want to mock and throw words. Hold your head high ladies if you are insulted for being descent.

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    1. Lol at wearing beach wear on the street. I am happy that you are one of the sensible ones and it is only irresponsible men that fancy seeing their ladies half nude/nude in public. Honestly, I don’t just get the craziness disguised as fashion.

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  5. Trashy a bit sometimes with the new clothing senses but we can’t control others. As long as those who feel like it’s wrong don’t do it themselves, that’s all that can be done. And who knows, maybe all it takes is a bit of growing to get out of those fads. I dunno.


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