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Make your Gravatar a calling card

No, not everyone knows this because we do have a lot of beginner bloggers popping up every day in our midst and they do value such information as they try to find their footing in the blogosphere and if you look to the right at the Gravatar images below, there are a some thatGravatar, Websites, Connection, Logo, Networking, Get Noticed, have the WordPress default image on them.

Gravatar means Globally Recognized Avatar. It’s that little box where you add your photo or the icon that your website is recognized with and it follows you from one site to the other when you comment on people’s blogs.

Your Gravatar gives you an identity across the humongous world-wide-web and it makes your comment stand out as against an empty one with the default WordPress Gravatar. Your Gravatar also serves as your calling card especially when you link it up properly to your website. I can’t recall how many times I tried to follow a comment back to their site only to hit a dead-end because their link is not connected. Read More