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Calamity – Friday Fiction in Five Sentences

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Scalding hot tears spilt out of Ifueko’s swollen eyes mingling with the salty dribble from her nostrils into her mouth.

She wailed in reckless abandon, her swaying form gathered into itself as she interjected her pitiful cries with grief-lade idioms ‘Chi mu o, ewu ata mu igu n’isi – My God, the goat has eaten palm fronds off the top of my head’.

‘Why? Chukwu Okike. Why has such calamity befallen me, she asked her God of creation.

The repeated echos of ‘ndo, sorry’ and other words of commiseration from the growing gathering of neighbours and friends fell on deaf ears.

Her five young ones surrounded her on the bare ground of their uncompleted home, their young minds unable to comprehend the gravity of their situation as the men of the compound struggled to bring out their father’s body from the well.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Quick Glossary

Chi mu o – My God

Chukwu Okike – God of Creation


Writer's Quote Wednesday

Comic relief – WQWWC

By the time I’m done living, I want my entire being to be thoroughly engraved upon with laughter lines of hilarious moments stumbled upon. Jacqueline

Truth comes out in moments of laughter and real life circumstances serve as fodder for comedians who turn them into amusing anecdotes with the underlying truth nicely or sometimes not nicely veiled.Image result for images for comedy

I certainly love a hearty laugh for life can get too serious at times but there are times that we’ve got to be truly mindful of things that we laugh at, for not everything is a source of comedy. Crass jokes about rape, molestation et al are distasteful, to say the least.

I enjoy searching out good funnies every day and laugh till tears run down my face. My husband and I get to share jokes that we find and that also serves as a warm moment for us when we are together 😉

On the other hand, if not for the seriousness of the issues at hand, the state of the World politics has become a comedy of sorts. The political commentaries have been thoroughly entertaining to read and watch and beneath the deluge of opinions that everyone seems to have, the truth lies somewhere.

I prefer comedy without the tragedy

for laughter is a sweet melody to the ears

and rhapsody that enriches the soul.


© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Comedy – WQWWC

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