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Sting Operation

Amanda chose the darker corner of the restaurant as her spot to sit and make her observations without appearing incongruous.

Multiple aromas from steaming bowls of rice, seafood, soy sauce and the medley of food made her stomach grumble, but she was reluctant to indulge because she had to keep focused. Maybe just a well-selected platter of prawns and vegetables would suffice, she thought.

The sunny outer appearance of the popular Won Ton Chinese restaurant belied the recent seamy story making the rounds.

Rumour is that beneath the facade of the restaurant lay an underbelly of human trafficking, prostitution, and drug rings.

As an undercover cop, being part of a sting operation took months of careful and diligent planning.

Most times, it involved a lot of danger, learning the smattering bits of a language or two, but she wouldn’t have it any different.

She enjoyed the excitement that her job brought.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


Thank you, Gina, for this week’s photo and my lady P.J. for hosting us.