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Those Steamy Smooches…The Great Big Book Of Lists.

I wonder what La Duchesse Derat has been up to these past few days to send me on an assignment to declare my hot steamiest smooches of all times.

Duchess, I am beginning to suspect your back-ache with a wiggle of my eyebrows 😃😃

It’s the season of Valentine and in the spirit of love I have gone watching smooch re-runs and using the steam emanating on my TV screen to judge.

I am a Hallmark romance kind of girl and I enjoy the build-up in the entire romance, so maybe I lost focus when it came to keeping the kissing counts, I am therefore totally lost in an attempt to list my favourite kisses.

I have spent an hour and half, fast tracking my favourite romance movies to the kissing part to try to analyse the kiss department of each one and my husband is beginning to wonder if I am up to something exceptional this Valentine.

Oh well! I cheated on this one as I stumbled on some videos on YouTube about some good puckering up that I quite agree with some *at least the movies that I have seen in them.

So pucker up and enjoy the smooch videos. Now I know to keep count of hot kisses when and where they do happen 😉

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