After so much dawdling and tardiness, I’m finally launching my new self-hosted blog, The Art of Beautiful Expressions.

Many weeks have passed since I purchased the domain name, started the site though very slowly. With each day that passes by, I realize that not only has my delay become dangerous, but it’s a hindrance to the growth of my new blog baby 🙂

Why another blog?

I have several ideas that I want to explore and my current blog A Cooking Pot and Twisted tales is quite chockfull with this and that.
I needed other avenues to write on other things, to write about writing, photography, the spoken word, blogging etc. To share bits and pieces of my experience, tips, know-how and also to learn from others.

I choose to self-host this time around because I plan, hopefully, to be able to face my writing career fully and maybe earning a bit from my site will help to pay those hard to ignore bills. To be honest with you, I am getting to a point where I no longer want to do just anything to pay bills, but to do the things that I love and hopefully as my site grows, as my learning grows, with the passage of time, the possibility of making reasonable income will also arise.

It’s not an easy call to chase after one’s dreams at times, but with a pragmatic approach, it’s doable and one of my dreams is to get to the level of working full time for myself. It will take sacrifices to get there, but hey, nothing good comes easy.

This is a learning curve for me. The Art of Beautiful Expressions is far from being a perfect site yet, there’s a lot of tweaking to be done, a lot to write on, a lot to learn and a lot of growing to do, but I’m going to take it a day at a time and put in my best each given day.

Please, do join me now and again, peek in to say hello and by all means, I hope that you will SubScribe. I believe that there’ll be bits and pieces of useful this and that. Thank you for your support.



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