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Let me introduce you to my New Blogger Friend Jenita.

I enjoy the connections and interactions that I make here in the blogosphere. Each day it I literally meet a new person and today, I share a brief introduction/interview with  a new blogger friend of mine, Jenita.

Thank, you Jenita for talking to us about yourself on such a short notice and I believe you’ll do well in blogdom 🙂

A big thank you

Hello, everyone!  I’m Jenita. I am a fairly new Blogger on WordPress. It’s been about 5 months since I started my Blog.  I am also a children’s book author.Jenita 1

I love to write short stories & poetry.

My Blog, is an extension of my main website, that was inspired & created for children; per I’ve worked several years caring for them as a Professional Nanny.       I love to find the beauty in things.  I enjoy decorating, and I LOVE to laugh!  I love hanging out and having fun with family and friends, per it’s always a blast. I am also sort of a neat freak (slightly OCD, lol)  I do not like disorganized spaces or over-crowded rooms!

 I created my Blog to cater to more adults & parents…as well as a platform to introduce my two children’s books, “Beautiful Boy” & “Beautiful Girl”.   In addition, during this process, to my surprise, I have found myself further developing my writing with newly inspired poetry and articles, about life and other inspirational topics, I didn’t even initially plan to share. This has definitely been a growing experience.  I am also simply blown away by the numerous talent I have discovered on various blog sites…including yours, Jacqueline. It is absolutely amazing!  There is such a plethora of topics & areas to be inspired by, or educated about, across the web.  It’s truly an open buffet of content.

I think I‘d probably be considered an average blogger.  I still have a lot to learn.  I realize others may have obtained more followers or higher stats in a shorter amount of time, but ultimately, I just want people to enjoy what I write…& the more people that are aware of my content, the more can be impacted.  Here are a few of my Favorite Blog posts….

In between my day-to-day caring for children, I LOVE to admire the beauty of nature, going out to great restaurants, & having fun with family.

One of my goals is to continue to gain more exposure for my two children’s books, which are available on Amazon

I would also love to write for a larger platform to increase exposure for my writing in general, as well as for my Blog.  My desire is to reach as many people as possible to hopefully inspire & motivate. If someone can be touched & inspired by my content, perhaps it will spread & motivate them to inspire others as well.

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