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The successor…

Jack sat in the deep leather armchair to ruminate over the surprising news. His mind dwelling on bittersweet memories as he remembered his dad.

Faint aroma of tobacco from Woolfe’s pipe clung to the room as if unwilling to let go, even though he has been dead for three months now and unbidden tears seeped through Jack’s eyes.

His dad had been his best friend and hero until Suzie happened to them. Suzie was Woolfe’s secretary.

An affair happened, Suzie got pregnant, Jack’s mother got mad, a messy divorce took place that when his mother died a year later in an accident, Jack was sure she had died from a bitter and broken heart. She had driven off the cliff after binge-drinking and life was never the same.

Suzie’s pinched lips and surprised look on her botoxed face expressed displeasure when the Will was read. The reins of the successful firm were meant for her son Woolfe Jnr and possibly a meagre share left to Jack, instead, eighty percent of the holdings went to Jack while they got twenty.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


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Out of the silent breath

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