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Broody or moody…

Pensive is an upper-class word that means reflective
another way to say that you are introspective
or maybe a bit ruminative

Whatever stokes your senses to be cogitative
it’s all good to be perceptive
though some prefer to call it meditative.

Some writers love to use grandiose words like stamp duty
a pensive man they would describe as broody
which makes him sound more intense than moody

…and excuses his behaviour that might be kooky
especially in those romantic books that are juicy
or those paranormal stories that tend to be spooky

Of late I have been a bit pensive
a gamut of thoughts run through my head making me restive
I need to sort them and get progressive.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Pensive, The Daily Post Prompt

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Out of the silent breath

I hear you in my thoughts…

Your words of wisdom,

of love and encouragement…

They are etched upon my soul.

They keep me warm.


*an excerpt from my poem*