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Noise and A Peek In The Men’s Beauty World…Echoes of my neighbourhood.

On Thursday’s, I share pictures about ‘Echos of my Neighbourhood.

I would like to invite you to participate. The challenge is quite simple.

Every Thursday, share a photo of bits and pieces of wherever you are at any point in time. It could be houses, backgrounds of your neighbourhood, activities and so forth and you can tag it Echos of my Neighbourhood, add my link to your post so that I will get the ping from your post.

Every other Thursday, I will publish a post with the links of all those who participated the previous week.

This is just a fun way of getting to see more of the World around us through your eyes since we cannot all be at those places, we could at least, see them through you.

The beauty of Burj at night as we drive by.

This week’s echoes is a mix of several faces and places. From shopping for groceries to going with my bloke and the boys to get a haircut where yours truly spent some time being more observant than usual to the business of manly grooming.

I saw men threading their eyebrows to make it look less bushy. Lot’s of scalp shaving with a scary blade, massaging, barbing, shampooing and rubbing of scalps. Interesting outing I must say 😉

With the children on Spring break, a bit more leisure time so taking them to the cinema and some skating play time  was involved.

Thanks to Kat, I got the idea to include a video of real echoes of my neighbourhood, which I will do from time to time. This was fun to do. We drove and I stuck the camera up to catch a one minute video.

Please watch and let me know what you think.

Thank you 🙂

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Last Week Echoes gave us some peeks of different neighbourhoods, hop on let’s go see and we will be glad to see some of yours :-)

Dr Meg Sorick’s A warm welcome to Meg. Meg shows us beautiful photos of her world and her good looking bloke. Please go over and say hello. She also offers visitors a tall glass of something good to drink 😉

Mind and life matters A warm welcome to Rashmi. I am loving our neighbours in echoes and Rashmi shows us beautiful snippets of so much love in her photos and the cutest tortoise ever.

Spring Lady Lee’s photos bursts in colours and interesting garden friends to keep artful.

Peregrine – Falcons of Norwich Kim shows us a poetic glimpse of the fastest flying raptor bird in the World.

Crossing the Brooklyn bridge I am not sure you’ve seen this detailed shots of the Brooklyn bridge. Well, I haven’t. Thank you Jazzy Tower.

A flowering evening pretty pictures that goes with sweet meats too 🙂

Cubicles of Individuality I totally enjoyed looking at this and I bet you would. Maybe you can tell which category you  belong in.

How sweet life is Ralph  When you go to Bus Terminal located at 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue, keep your eyes open, there’s a lot to see.


Thank you to all Echoes’ contributors. I am learning a whole lot from this challenge as well as having fun with it.

It would lovely to have you join us. Regards