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Sail On…A Thought For Tuesday

Our hardship forms the backbone of our success. Without these travails – as unpleasant as they may be – where would our stories of triumph be?


Your past is not your anchor

Be the master of your sea

Your boat has many ports to visit.

My Thinking Corner

My Thinking Corner – Where You Belong

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Most times where we are is not where we belong and to get to where we need to be, we must restrategize and keep pushing.

Sometimes life if like playing a game of chess. You must not rest on your laurels and take your opponent for granted. You can’t afford to tip your King before the battle is over because life continues till the last moment.

Your opponent in your life could be your complacent approach to life. It could be a bag of mixed factors that only you can identify and deal with in accordance with your aspirations.

You’ve got to keep holding on and nudging up to where you belong. You’ve got to take those adventures in life to truly find your sweet spot.


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Stand and Resist!

Image result for images of breaking the chains
Resist the voices of dissension
that say you can’t even
when the voices come from you.
Resist the oppressing pressure
of the ruling class, if not
you’ll no longer have a voice.
Resist and stand your ground,
for you’ve got nothing to lose,
but everything to gain.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

The Daily Post – Resist