Hypocrites! I’m Judging You.

These days, my Christain brethren are becoming far too annoying. It never ceases to amaze me on how some people find it very easy to critique the doings of others, yet when you take a good peek at them, they are full of potholes of errors that need to be filled up.

These ‘oversabi pipus‘ are usually quick in recommending what their neighbours should do to stop the fire from consuming their domain, meanwhile very slow in advising themselves and the smouldering embers of their own burnt out domain serves as an evidence of their hypocrisy and inability to put out that same fire.

I suggest you save such priceless advice for your good self and so you know, I am judging you through my slanted eyes.

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Oversabi pipus – a broken English/pidgin English that ‘means people who know it all.’ It’s a concoction of Portuguese, English and West African flavour.

To break it down:

Sabir – A Portuguese word – To Know

Over – in this case meaning excess

pipus – West African twist for People