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Living Nature

The colour green surrounds us everywhere we look, from the beautiful rich shrubs to my kitchen towel.

It’s a lively colour that speaks of freshness, life, nature, fertility, harmony, new beginnings, and healing.

It is also associated with money, finances, banking, ambition, greed, jealousy…take your pick from the list and go green.

Nature, Green

The weather is lovely, the lush green surroundings invite inhabits to while away some time in the neighbourhood park.

Green, Nature, Life, Happy

Here’s my son running around the green grassy field. I remember the softness of the carpet grass ‘cos I went barefoot and the fresh smell of mown grass is in a world of its own.

Room decor, Nature, Life, Green

Little potted plants in corners of the house spruceĀ it up in a lovely, simple way.