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Forest of Possibilities…

art-ball-ball-shaped, bubble

You were afraid
to live your dreams,
and you buried them
in the place you believed
they would be safe;
now everyone who goes by
sees a forest of possibilities.

#Buried dreams

Forest – The Daily Post



This piece is an excerpt from my upcoming 3rd Poetry book.

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Imagine The Barrenness…


Imagine the World without trees.

A stark desert without the beauty of its greenery.

Hard to think of such barrenness;

For that means, there’ll be no life.

So, when you see a tree hugger,

don’t be in a haste to laugh.

In my place, when we say ‘may the forest be with you,’ it’s a prayer for your abundance of life, fertility and growth.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Trees, The Daily Post