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BOND Girl! Yeah Right!…

Pierce Brosnan

In my younger days, I had two major crushes on two male actors.

The first actor was Captain Von Trapp of Sounds of Music.

I simply wanted to be the singing Maria – Julie Andrews, but I was just too young and after a while he started looking too old for me 😉

My second movie crush moved to James Bond.

OOOh! I had a crush on most of the gentlemen who played James: Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan. Not sure if it was the men or the character that I liked most.

I kinda liked Timothy Dalton and Daniel Craig but for some reason my huge crush went down several notches with these two and I am glad to realize that maturity has fizzled away the crushiness especially when my young brain finally assimilated the fact that it was not real life.

Wouldn’t have minded being a Bond girl just once (the one that gets to keep sleek Brosnan to herself 😉 and get to go on those scary adventures.

It would have been nice to say:

Call me Mrs. Bond, Jackie Bond *wink, wink*

The Daily Post prompt It Builds Character.

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