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All the spares…

The Daily post photo challenge is ‘spare’ and a number of spare thoughts and photos come to my mind.

Spare change

Spare Change!

I went shopping at an old souk recently and the amiable shopkeeper of a gift store had a huge frame filled with currency from different parts of the World that he had been to over his 78 years of living.

While admiring his spare changes, I noticed the space with a missing currency and asked him about it, and surprisingly he knew the money that had been in there.

He said it was rare currency ‘Pa’anga’ from the less travelled country of Republic of Tonga, which is a Polynesian kingdom situated in the middle of the pacific.

He had no idea how the money disappeared from his framed collection and that set off all sorts of vibrant imaginative juices in my mind.

I must visit him again, ‘cos I have some conspiracy theories 🙂

  • My second spare is the kind fella I caught sometime last week feeding the birdies. He obviously had lot’s of spare food for them and the birds flocked gladly.

Spare food

Feeding the flock.

My last spare is about interesting art.Beautiful art can be made from all sorts of stuff, even rubbish. This creative piece below is made out of spare tyres and was part of an art exhibition.

The creative mind is a wonderful thing 🙂

Spare tyre

Spare tyre art

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