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Burdens of Fate

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Fate hands us many burdens.

It’s how we carry on with them

that makes or breaks us.


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You make your burden light,

or you make it heavier than necessary

your fate lies with you.



Ronovan writes weekly haiku challenge ‘fate & make.’

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Sometimes, it pours heavily….


Today, I have so much to say, yet I fail to know where to start from.

Life is such that we honestly have no inclination what the next hour will bring our way, much less the next day, week or year.

Our lives hang in the daily delicate balance of providence and most times, we don’t get to chose what happens to us, but the only thing that we can choose is how to react to the curves on the path of our journey and not losing grip of ourselves.

We also get to choose friends who journey along with us on life’s path and a whole lot of times, they serve as a prop and support on those shaky days.

My heart knows a lot of thanks for the restoration of health of my family members and an enormous sense appreciation for the huge outpouring of gracious wishes from all of you on my birthday on Sunday.

Your thoughts warmed me.

Regardless of the fact that online relationships may appear untenable due to it’s nature, we should never fail to appreciate or undermine the strength and support that we have in our friends and we truly have no idea the beautiful far reaching effects of these friendships.

‘It’s until you are caught in the rain that you realize that a tattered umbrella has it’s good sides.’

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