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A Visit To The Dunes….Echoes Of My Neighbourhood #8

On Thursday’s, I share a picture about ‘Echos of my Neighbourhood.

I would like to invite you to participate. The challenge is quite simple.

Every Thursday, share a photo of bits and pieces of wherever you are at any point in time. It could be houses, backgrounds of your neighbourhood, activities and so forth and you can tag it Echos of my Neighbourhood, add my link to your post so that I will get the ping from your post.

Every other Thursday, I will publish a post with the links of all those who participated the previous week.

This is just a fun way of getting to see more of the World around us through your eyes, since we cannot all be at those places, we can at least see them through you.

Some pictures from our desert foray.

Over the weekend, we went sand bashing at the desert. An adrenaline pumping rush that dear Himself and the children like a lot. I am okay with it after the highs and lows of going up and down steep sand dunes.

I love seeing the miles and miles of rolling sands and visiting a desert camp where there are a good number of entertainment on offer for a fee, like riding the camels, getting henna painting, some Arabic belly dancing etc.

Last week’s Echoes brought in quite some fresh views:

Lovely, vibrant Munich without snow from Lady Lee Manila

Serene Brooklyn botanical garden from Roaming Urban Gypsy

Charming Sweet Dilham from Writing in North Norfolk.

These pictures from Denmark are gorgeous from Giggles and Tales.

What a bold, vibrant visitor to see Pancake Bunnykins 🙂

Beautiful times with beautiful people from Mandibelle.

Buried, Dangerous and pretty looking icicle all rolled into one from Kat Myrman of Mercury Colliding.

I feel like dipping in my toes in a small town charm from Never a dull bling.

On a zooming escapade with her James Bond 😉 from Diane of Ladies who lunch reviews.

So, when can we get a peek at yours?


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