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The Kissed Note – Friday Fiction in Five Sentences.

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‘I had a wonderful evening. See you on Friday. I love you. Kisses.’

Tamara’s heart sank in dread as she stared at the short lipstick kissed note.

She had no idea how to react; should she confront Robert over the note in the pigeon hole or pretend that she hadn’t seen it?

She was afraid of what the questions might unravel; that her twenty-year solid marriage wasn’t that solid after all.

A number of things started to make more sense to her and her excuses appeared hollow in the sight of her suspicions.


© Jacqueline

Devalued Vows…

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Matthew said her love no longer had value
and tossed Sue aside for a damsel down the avenue
she drained his savings with a vacuum
till he was thoroughly devalued.

He crawled back to Sue with his broken vows
she simply would have none of that and told him ‘ciao’
go back to your mistress, she’s got face value
unfortunately, her attributes are skin-deep shallow.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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