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Tuesdays Trickles – My Thinking Corner 31

Every Tuesday, I share snippets of thoughts that I call ‘My Thinking Corner.’

I would like to invite you to participate. The challenge is quite simple. You can check this link for more details.


♦  When you are feeling down, by all means, don’t ignore your feelings, acknowledge and ‘deal with them,’ if you don’t you’ll simply pile them up that one day it becomes an avalanche.

♦  Do not stay down for too long, for climbing out of a rock-bottom pit is far more difficult than falling into it.

With the way life has been, it’s no surprise if anyone feels down, but the hard truth is that it’s probably never going to be a smooth sailing life ever, so except one wants to remain down and rock-bottom out, it’s better to acknowledge the problems especially if you can’t run away from them and begin to apply your own practical and sensible solutions in dealing with those that are within your purview.

It’s just one chance that we’ve got to live this life and we’ve got to keep giving it the best shot.

BEAUTIFUL posts from Deborah and Petra:

Joyful childlike qualities: this post touches me that I have no precise words to express how Deborah’s connection and words about her autistic brother make me feel. Stephen lives life in the present moment with childlike enthusiasm 🙂

Look up: sometimes things may not go exactly as we wish them to, but they only challenge us to look up and see other alternatives and narratives.

Please do step in and share a moment or two. One thing that I have learnt with doing this exercise is that I have always come away far more enriched than I set out.

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Jacqueline writes from her heart on passion, pain, suffering, loss and LIFE. I have been incredibly moved by her poetry and I know I will return to “Out of the Silent Breath” again and again.

Out of the silent breath

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