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Finding my solitude

In my World, finding solitude is not always easy to achieve physically – my dear Himself and our children are always underfoot one way or the other 😉

I’ve learnt over time to create ways to be still and find inner quiet even when everywhere is abuzz.

I deliberately seek out pockets of moments to enjoy being by myself and to appreciate those moments.

Once, I told a friend that as a mother, to visit the shops alone and to shop quietly without the children is a vacation. Thus, I linger over a pot of tea/coffee, natter over nothing with strangers and come home humming with a gleam in my eye’s 🙂

Taking a walk, Photograph

Taking a quiet walk

Lonely boat, photograph

Finding interesting things in my vicinity

Cafe, photo

One of my favourite Cafes’ in town. Sit and nurse a pot of tea, watch people, eavesdrop and listen to gossip 😉

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