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Pull of Attraction…Flash Fiction

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Rube knows that Sebastian is not in her league. As a country girl, his slick city ways are a novelty and disturbing, but everytime he honks his horn, her heart skips a mile.

She knows she would regret her actions tomorrow, yet the pull of attraction is all she can follow as she hurries to his Jaguar.

Daily post prompt – Rube

Word meaning – Rube –  A rube is a country bumpkin or an awkward inexperienced, unsophisticated person. Rube is also a nickname.


Friday Fiction in Five Sentences · Short Stories

The Odd Couple…Story in Five Sentences.

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Seeing them at face value, the first question that tugs the mind is to wonder what their attraction to each other is?

You can’t help but look again and again.

How could such a delicate and pretty butterfly of a woman hang on to that hard-featured, unseemly moth of a man?

This becomes a perplexing puzzle that you seek to solve and till you take the time to sit and truly watch them, with the blinders taken off your eyes you will not see that;

The moth made the butterfly glow, her gentleness softened his spirit and the love he showered on her made him beautiful beyond his wings.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

A story inspired by an interesting couple I met recently.

Fiction · Short Stories

The Hired Killer….

The more he surreptitiously watched Juliana the more his cold killer’s heart grew warmer. He couldn’t bring himself to do it.

This would be one of the easiest job that he has to pull off; just a hard jolt and she goes tumbling into the ravine, but the beautiful unassuming woman’s affectations captivated him.

Mark had painted her to be a spoilt heiress, yet the arresting pair of eye’s, sweet looking freckled face of hers and her demeanour when he had deliberately approached her, depicted none of that.

He liked to observe his targets before choosing the best way to execute his contract and in the past days of trailing Julie, the more he looked at her the more he looked forward to seeing her.

The way she gnawed her lips as she carefully touched statues on display caused his lower muscles to contract in anticipation.
He wanted to be the statues.

Julio wanted Juliana for himself and recognized  his desire to protect her.

He decided to call off the job and get to the bottom of the puzzle.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


In response to the FFAW photo prompt above from beautiful Louise. Thank you Priceless Joy for this enchanting story platform


Creative Writing · Fiction · Five Sentences · Saturday Snippets · Short Stories

Puckered For A Kiss…

A kiss under the mistletoe



Hello he said, flustered she smiled.
I am Dave; I am Susan, she replied.
May I see you again sometime? He asked.
She came and he was glad.
Under the mistletoe, she puckered for a kiss.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Saturday Snippets Of Fiction In Five Sentences.

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Fiction · Short story

Her Tiger Butterfly… a short story

Intense look from his eyes caused Brigitte to peek over her shoulders. No one there, except the wall.

“The gentleman from the symposium.” “Of course, it couldn’t be me that he is admiring.”  “No one notices wallflowers or do they?”

Mama despairs that she would be left on the shelf.

”Don’t slouch Brigitte!” ”Wear a smile, you shouldn’t scowl so much!”

Auntie Agatha tut-tutted at her bumbling attempts at playing the piano, violin or knitting.

”Don’t frighten off possibilities with too much knowledge of tomes, ruins, horses and butterflies.”
”Men do not appreciate too much intelligence her sage counsel.”

Tired of no dance, a breath of fresh air is required. A flitting moth of unusual colour catches her eyes and she ventures to discover; new addition to my glossary she thinks.

Over voluminous skirts she trips into the Rose bush.

Strong arms encircle to help her up as she mouths her thanks into intense gray eyes.

Unwittingly, she has captured her own Tiger butterfly.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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