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The days in our lives…

The days in our lives are too short,

To live the precious hours on a slow lane of regret.

Most of us pray to live to a ripe old age,

but as most of us know,

It sometimes does not work out the way we plan it.

Life happens!

A brief analysis of your age in days,

Would make you realize that indeed,

We are all impoverished!

An Eighty year old has a total of 29,200 days on Earth

A Ninety year old has 32,850 days on Earth

A Lucky 100 year old person has 36,500 days on Earth

I chose to write in figures,

So that the length in writing,

Does not deceive your eyes,

Into believing, that you have all the time.

No! You don’t!

Now get up!

And make each day count,

No matter how small.

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha