Home and Free… Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge

Right at my homes’ doorstep
I free body parts trapped in what-not,
it’s always a blessed relief!

Everything freely wiggles and jiggles
deep sighs of contentment permeate my being
home, where I can just be me.




After a brief hiatus, it’s a pleasure to participate in Ronovan’s weekly haiku challenge ‘home and free.’


Chance and Equal….Weekly Haiku Challenge

The chances are equal,
to fail or to succeed
the choice is yours.

Chance, Winner, Loser, Chess, Life

I took a chance
and it doubled my gains
I’ll take another one.



Written for:  Rononvan writes weekly haiku challenge: chance & equal

Slim and Chance – Haiku Challenge

I got to squeeze in two haikus for the price of one 🙂 Great prompt Ronovan.

Less is More quote

They say less is more

My chance of getting slim and less

is becoming a fat chance


Opportunities are slim these days

Grab every chance you’ve got

Hold onto them real tight



Haiku challenge – Slim & Chance

image credit – pexels



Sweet and Tart… Haiku

Image result for images of pretty woman


Her sharp retort was tart;

it utterly belied her gentle, sweet demeanour

and took him by surprise.

Beneath her tart looking appearance

lies a sweet, confused and misunderstood soul

all she seeks is love.


Written for Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge – prompt words “Sweet and Tart”

Songs of Praise – Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge

Peace, Haiku

Sing joyful songs of praise
even when you don’t feel like it,
it will bring you peace.



Ronovan writes weekly haiku challenge – Sing & Peace

Pleasure and Excite – Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge

This week’s haiku prompt ‘Pleasure & Excite’ gave me several options and pleasure to write 🙂

Life, Open Skies

Life offers opportunities that excite,

sometimes it’s pleasure and sometimes it’s pain,

we simply roll with it.

coffee, conversation, holding hands


Her heart went ba-dah-bum,

his warm touch and engaging smile excite her,

loving him her secret pleasure.


Expecting, Pregnant, Couple, Baby

Thoughts of the baby excite them

they think of names for their bundle

conceived in love and pleasure.