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Not Tomorrow…

We take our given days for granted, 24 hours fly past so fast that most times weeks and months all meld together into a blur.

They go by whilst we stay planning for all the things that we will do tomorrow which we could have done today.

We plan for the big moments when all lines will fall into the right place, that we tend to forget that one day when we grow old together, we will remind each other about these days that seemed ordinary and uneventful, yet when we take a good look, we will find chockful heart-tugging memories wedged in-between these days.

Your best life is now, not tomorrow.


11 thoughts on “Not Tomorrow…

  1. Hi Jacqueline,
    Long time, hope you & yours are well in these strange times.
    We are well, thank God so far.
    I recently reblogged a post & saw you liked it, thank you.
    I remember well how I was drawn to the title & beautiful colourful cover photo of your blog & hope to read more posts.
    On scrolling down, this one seemed relevant for the present times.
    Take care & keep well.


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