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Let’s grow wiser together…


Back home in Nigeria, one of the symbols of wisdom is the spider’s web which represents the creativity and complexity that one requires’ to live a wise life.

How are you spinning your web of life today?

Take notice of how you may be tempted to complain about things over the course of the day. See if you can use these moments to learn more about yourself and your complaint might become insignificant or unnecessary.

A little reminder is not to scapegoat others and to search for who to blame when things go wrong around you. Rather, ask yourself, what part did I contribute to the situation? Owning your decisions and having the courage to acknowledge your share of outcomes of such decisions is the first step towards correction.

Wisdom is bright and does not grow dim
by those who love her, she is readily seen,
and found by those who look for her.

The Book of Wisdom 6: 12 – 16
The Old Testament


20 thoughts on “Let’s grow wiser together…

  1. Beautuful. It is important to take ownership. You are right, in pain we want to blame. But sometimes we have done nothing at all and the other is just hell bent on being horrible..

    Interesting what a spiders web represents in Nigeria, i will certainly look at spiders web differently now.

    Happy sunday and a fab rest of the week.

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  2. My Dad had two sayings concerning complaints. #1) I complained because I had no Shoes until I Met a man who had no feet.

    #2) it is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.

    Also as I got older and developed serious health problems, 80% of People don’t care. The other 20% are glad it’s you and not them.

    Then after I retired from the Museum last Year in August I began to listen to lots of motivational videos on YouTube. One statement really stuck out for me. This particular speaker stated never discuss your health unless it’s good. After giving his words some thought I realized that he was correct. I never discuss my health anymore either through speech or blogging. Mine is a story that doesn’t need to be told. When it comes to health silence is the best policy.

    Plus after a specific incident last Year I signed a Gag order not to discuss my health issues or injuries.

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    1. It us a valuable lesson not discuss health with others, you get all sorts advise and a lot not helpful and sometimes you dont get well wishers. Sometimes you realise the others have no clue, and well how can they. They have no diplomacy. So for ages we say we are well even if we are not. Peoples vibration impact our health i feel.

      I agree with your comment

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      1. Right. If someone on your job or School asks you how do you feel just say you are doing well. Truthfully nobody wants to hear a litany of symptoms, aches and pains that make you a candidate for the disease of the month club.

        Along with only telling doctors and family one can confide in your Pastor, Minister or other Church leaders who can give you guidance and support prayers.

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    2. Hmm. It’s sad when you come to think of it. 80% truly don’t give a hoot and the rest are thankful that it’s not their problem. Please could you possibly share the link to the motivational speech about not discussing ones’ health issues. Would love to listen. Thanks


      1. I got my reality check long ago. No more sharing or confiding in people for me. As for the specific YouTube video I don’t remember. I listen to many videos. Truthfully nobody cares about others health issues. Everyone likes happy stories. From 2007 to present I’ve had many serious medical problems. Been hospitalized many times. I learned the hard way to keep my mouth shut.


      2. I learned the 80 20 rule the hard way. If you discuss your health issues you will be shunned, blacklisted, and ridiculed. Especially any mental health problems. Keep that to yourself unless you want to be a pariah. My story is not worth telling so I stay Silent. I can’t survive the backlash.


  3. What an encouraging post, Jacqui. I agree, we must own our decisions. If the decisions are good then we can reap the rewards, and if not then hopefully, we can reap from the experience.


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