busting at the seams…

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I don’t do drugs,
she told herself in consolation,

yet she stuffed her face
and got sedated
on pies and cream cakes,

her righteous self
busting at the seams

This is me of late. Guilty! I am an emotional eater and when I’m unduly stressed like I’ve been for many weeks now, I go into eating overdrive.

9 thoughts on “busting at the seams…

  1. I used to be an emotional eater too. Packets of biscuits would just disappear along with blocks of chocolates. Sugar is a drug and addictive. Then I had blood tests for diabetes, I was boarder-line I had to reduce the sugar intake, therefore I stopped the sugar, it was a must. Sugar builds up pressure in your body and head. When you do not eat sugar and then eat a little you can feel the impact on your body, very unpleasant. Take care Blessings

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  2. I do the reverse. I lose my appetite when I’m stressed. Plus, after years of extreme sugar swings, I stay from sugar as much as I can. We all have our ways of trying to deal with challenges, whether right or wrong. This too shall pass.


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