I Searched…

None of us is shallow. Many have simply not learnt how to use their shovel. Jacqueline

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I searched for upliftment outside
I saw bits and pieces of it
I saw greedy people grabbing
and holding on to more than they needed

I searched for upliftment within
I saw a bottomless portion
I saw gifts that keep giving
that can be shared with everyone else.





12 thoughts on “I Searched…

  1. Wonderful poem, thought provoking. Perhaps they should dig a little deeper instead of spreading the top layer of muck around. I see too much greed and grabby people too and I live in one of those countries. Counting the days to leave. Blessings and miracles for you.

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  2. Love from within
    Multiplies as it
    From our depths.

    That acorn of love
    Can grow
    Into an enormous
    Tower of Strength.

    Plant the seed
    Thru word and deed.
    Soon, a forest
    Will grow.

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I love it when you decorate my heart with your words..

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